Caribbean Casino and Gaming Corp (Pink Sheets: CGAQ.PK) is the owner and operator of the Sosua Bay Grand Casino. The corporation is focused on becoming a leader in the Caribbean for gaming and entertainment to include live betting in its partnership with Kenilworth Systems Corporation from cameras located above tables within the Sosua Bay Grand Casino. Not only will Caribbean Casino and Gaming Corp. offer world class gaming and accommodations within its facilities for those visiting our properties, but also allow patrons to wager (where allowed) from the comfort of their own home or hotel room. The principals include:


Mr. Swank has been conducting business operations within Dominican Republic since 2003 which included the ownership of a hotel in Sosua, Puerto Plata and operation of Texas Hold-em poker tables through his company World Poker Tour S.A. which has been acquired by CGAQ.

His background includes nearly 40 years of entrepreneurial ventures ranging from real estate development, restaurant/nightclub ownership, introducing new building technology to Poland and Russia, operating a private label beer manufacturer that exported it’s product to South and Central America and was the fastest growing beer in Brazil, and a small cigar rolling operation.

Steven has been successful responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Sosua Bay Grand Casino.